The Love and Rage Collective of Carnivale

(Jane, Jesse, Kat, Leigh, Orion)

The Love and Rage Collective operating the Fissure Gate on Uranus' moon Oberon has experienced some significant successes in sponsoring extrasolar colonization. Most of these efforts have merely negotiated passage with the Collective, but one instance involved rather greater involvement. The scum of Carnivale relied heavily on "autonomist alliance" ties for not only the rights to settle, but also regular and ongoing gate-transit support. Although Love and Rage appreciates the significant rep boost that thousands of scum across the solar system can grant for regular access, the real prize is the Carnivale Gate.

Love and Rage has recently moved personnel and equipment to Carnivale in cooperation with the scum, who are generally too preoccupied with their own concerns for serious gatecrashing operations. The Collective's intention is to expand their gate-network, entrenching the foothold of Autonomists within the greater gate-network being explored by transhumanity. There are challenges in beginning serious gatecrashing operations on a planet where the atmosphere has mind-altering qualities, but Love and Rage has begun aggressive recruiting of skilled gatecrashers who may not, for whatever reason, be entirely welcome at other gates in the solar system…

Primary Gatecrashing Team:
Reconaissance and Science:

  • Gatecrasher Team Leader – Luis “Ginger” Acosta
  • Gatecrasher Team SecondAlexi Oda
  • Transportation SpecialistChloelia Octavia
  • Exolinguist – Aiden Nairn
  • Exosociologist – Cailey Macek
  • Exobiologist –  Dr. Pinfeather

Security Team: 

The Love and Rage Collective of Carnivale

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