Elsie "Luna" Seo-hyun Chae

Look at you go, I just adore you!


Ego \\
… Cognition / +0
… Intuition / +1
… Coordination / +0
… Somatics / +3
… Savvy / +2
…Willpower / -1

Background \\
… Lunar Colonist /

Faction \\
… Anarchist /

Moves \\
… Revolution Coming /
When you Launch Assault against an agent or force of oppressive hierarchy you have Advantage.
… Affable /
You get along well with almost everyone in your own way. You are most comfortable around others, and get lonely quickly. You gain +1 to your Savvy stat, to a maximum of +2.
… Leadership /
You have a hand-picked, elite Class 3 Crew. Given enough time and training, you can replace lost members of this crew with new NPCs.
… Inspiration /
Choose an emotion and the medium/art with which you convey it, then Roll+Savvy or +Coordination.
On a 7-9, the emotion takes hold of your audience.
On a 10+, as above, and choose 1:
• You gain a keen admirer.
• You are treated lavishly.
• You can Command the audience.
… Sabotage /
When you tamper with machines, plans, etc, describe how you go about it and Roll+[Stat]. On a 10+ the target of your tampering is doomed to fail, just as you planned. On a 7-9, the target of your tampering is doomed to fail spectacularly, horrifically or comically, at the GM’s discretion.
…Berserker /
When you charge into battle with no regard for your own safety or survival, gain +1-armor. When you are doing so while leading a Crew, you have Advantage to Command them.

Advancement \\
… Total Experience \ 13
… Current Experience \ 1/?
… Trigger \
Another’s autonomy is defended
A challenge is overcome through strength
Survived or overcame something through sheer physical ability

Assets \\
…The Moonrise! (Class 3 Crew) / Squad, +Artillery, +Beautiful, +Loyal
… The Body! (Class 2 Morph) / Biomorph, +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Bioweave, +Enhanced Pheremones, +Medichines, +Mental Speed
… The Murderlance! (Class 1 Weapon) / Melee, Close/Adjacent, +Hafted Two-Handed, +Penetrating
… The Bulletproof Eveningwear! (Class 1 Attire) / Cultural, +Meshweave
… Smart Grenades for the Moonrise! (Class 2 Heavy) / +Destructive, +Seeking, +Penetrating, +Clumsy


…pretty fucked up, even by interplanetary pop sensation standards. But have some True Luna Facts while she dodges answering your questions!

- Luna will braid your hair, and also fight you.
- Luna prefers to be called Elsie, but has long since given up on getting people to do that.
- Luna believes in smashing the apparatuses of state, corporate, and political hierarchy, and also believes in the power of love, in the fist-pumping glam-metal anthem sense.
- Luna thinks you’re super great, and believes in you.
- Luna has personal theme music that accompanies her everywhere, but only the pure of heart can hear. Rest assured, her theme music is both truly outrageous, and utterly contagious.
- Luna has a long list of ex-lovers; they’ll tell you she’s insane.

Elsie "Luna" Seo-hyun Chae

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