Chloelia Octavia

"Good job. High-eight!"




COG: 0
INT: 0
COO: +2
SOM: +1
SAV: -1
WIL: +1




Criminal (Night Cartel)



When you first witness a situation, you may ask one of the following questions, the GM will answer honestly.
Who or what…
…is most vulnerable in this situation?
…is most dangerous in this situation?
…caused this situation?

Guanxi Rep

You are well known in the criminal underworld and are either respected or feared. You have a Class 3 Resources (Guanxi) Asset. If your reputation is ever lost or depleted, you can spend a period of time renewing your reputation to restore it to Class 3.

Impossible Reflexes

You can move in ways most transhumans find impossible. You may Take Damage using Coordination instead of Armor.

Just the Driver

Whenever you Face Adversity to pilot a vehicle, you have Advantage.


Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.

Sneak Attack

When you get the drop on someone, Roll+Coordination.
On a 10+, choose 1.
On a 7-9, the GM will give you 2 of the following options, choose 1 of them.
• Kill them
• Injure them
• Rob/disarm them
• Capture/disable them


The Best Morph

(Class 2 Octomorph)

+Cortical Stack
+Mesh Inserts
+Chameleon Skin
+Ego Sharing
+Extra Limbs
+Prehensile Feet

The Best Bus

(Class 1 Shuttle)



Credits (Class 1)
Guanxi Rep (Class 3)


Advancement Trigger

Conventional morality is ignored (Singularity Seeker)
A Difference is celebrated (Mercurial)
An unsuspecting victim is exploited (Criminal)

Next Move

Excellent Morph

You escaped with your body intact. Good thing, as it’s a pretty nice one. You have a Class 3 Morph. If your morph is ever lost or damaged, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming new Class 3 morph.

Experience Points

Current: 4
Total: 13


“I’m just the driver.”Midnight_Dispatch.jpg

Chloelia Octavia

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