The Facade Corporation Extrasolar Initiative

(Doug, Erica, Julie, Miguel, Sol)

The Facade Corporation is a new player on the Gatecrashing scene. This small hypercorp has thus far flown under the radar, having purchased gate rights to just one gate address from the Martian Gate. As a result, none of the major players have bothered to look into it, or the fact that the gate address it owns the rights to was restricted at the highest levels within the Planetary Consortium, or the fact that the Facade Corporation is very accurately named… 

Planetary Reconaissance Team:

  • Amber Jin Feng (Team Leader)
  • Ivan Kuro (Exotechnologist)
  • Kiyoshi “Noah” Kitano (ex-Ultimate cult leader)
  • Kvasir (Infomorph Information Security)
  • Ansel Ness (Security Consultant)
  • Darius Cronig-Bern (Oversight Agent and representative of the Black Signal)
  • MacReady Childs (Pilot)(Acolyte of Kitano)
  • Allegra Nourish (Microbiologist)(Nanologist)(Acolyte of Kitano)
  • M-Renn Brand (Acolyte of Kitano)
  • Bennell Bellicec (Acolite of Kitano)
  • Diedrich (Mesh specialist)
  • Lakshmi (Surveillance)
  • Richard (neo-gray parrot mechanics and synthmorph repair)
  • Angel (medical and biochemistry)

Base Camp Support Team:

  • Dieter Beloi (Neo-Bonobo Genehacker)
  • Mira Lueña (Exolinguist)
  • Kioroshi Inagawa (Oversight Auditor)
  • Ricky Thompson (Oversight Auditor)
  • Hamza Al Quraini (Financial and Political Support)
  • Dr. Hansen Byers (Exogeologist and former expedition leader)
  • Dr. Lydia Burns (Exoentomologist)
  • Ji Su Khim (Overall Security Chief)
  • Roland Farnsworth (Pathfinder Corporation Logistics and Accounting)
  • Sanjay Rhys (Gatecrashing Team Leader)

The Facade Corporation Extrasolar Initiative

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