Each character has 6  Stats associated with their Ego:
Cognition – Your mind's depth of intelligence and experience
Intuition – Your capacity to make connections based on incomplete information
Coordination – Your ego’s ability to fully integrate with your morph for fine motor skills
Somatics – Your ego’s ability to control your morph for physical optimization, strength, and hardiness
Savvy – Your personality's ability to smoothly interact with others
Willpower – Your ego's stability, resistance to degradation due to trauma or time

Allocate the following numbers to these stats in whatever order you wish: +2, +1, +1, +0, +0, -1

Advancement Triggers
When you choose to Advance an Ego stat, choose the trigger below for the stat you wish to advance. Each Ego stat may only be improved once. You need a number of XP equal to the total value of all your stats to earn the increase (i.e. 3 XP to get your first Stat increase unless you took a Background move that granted a bonus starting Stat in which case it would cost 4 XP for your first stat increase). (see Advancement for more details) 

  • Came to a significant conclusion (Cognition)
  • Made a startlingly accurate guess (Intuition)
  • Accomplished a goal through precision or dexterity (Coordination)
  • Survived or overcame something through sheer physical ability (Somatics)
  • Talked your way out of (or into) danger (Savvy)
  • Survived serious trauma (Willpower)


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