Assets are the bodies, weapons, attire, crew, personal vehicles, kits and tools that the character has at their disposal. At the most basic level of interpretation, all assets grant narrative tools to the characters, allowing a greater range of solutions when tackling a problem.  During the course of the story, assets will be purchased, borrowed, looted, found, stolen, built, damaged, repaired, fumbled, lost and destroyed.

At character creation, choose two Class 1 Assets and one Class 2 Asset. Choose as many Class 0 Assets as is reasonable to fill out your character. 

Asset Class
Each type of asset has a class. High-class assets are rarer and more advanced than low-class versions.
Class 0 assets are relatively simple, and are readily available almost anywhere.
Class 1 are rarer, mostly available in larger markets. They combine utility, quality and affordability.
Class 2 assets are rare, advanced assets. Perhaps their fabber blueprints are hard to come by or they require rare raw feedstock.
Class 3 are exceptionally rare, and typically only available from buying a Move. 
Class 4 is typically only achieved temporarily through a Move that upgrades a Class 3 asset.




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