Each player chooses an advancement trigger from the Stat or Faction they wish to advance. This trigger grants experience when a specific event or action happens. Eventually, the characters will gain enough experience to earn an advance. In addition to providing character advancement, choosing a trigger is an important vote towards the situations that will happen during the game.

At the end of the game session, the GM will ask the players if the events of the session activated their advancement trigger. For every trigger activated, every character gains 1 experience point (xp). Each player marks one xp on their character sheet. Advancements are only ever triggered by the direct or indirect actions of a character, but any character can trigger it, not just the owner of the advancement. The vague nature of the conditions is intentional, allowing many situations to potentially trigger them (with the GM having the final say).

Advancing a Stat
When you choose to Advance an Ego stat, choose the trigger for the stat you wish to advance. Each Ego stat may only ever be improved once.  You need a number of XP equal to the total net value of all your stats to earn the increase. 

Advancing a Faction
Choose a trigger from the Faction you wish to Advance. You can choose any Faction, not just the one you started with. When your character has earned experience equal to their total number of moves (including Background and Unique moves), their player does the following, in order:
1. Expend the necessary experience points.
2. Choose a new move from the Faction they were advancing.
3. Cross out their current advancement trigger.
4. Choose a new advancement trigger from the next Stat or Faction to be Advanced
Note which advancement triggers a character has previously completed; they cannot choose the same advancement trigger twice.

You may earn enough XP to Advance without ever activating your chosen trigger thanks to the triggers of other characters. That's ok. Cross it out anyway and choose a new one.

You cannot buy a given move more than once, even if it appears on multiple Faction lists.


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