Eclipse Phase - Uncharted

Trail of Breadcrumbs

5 XP = 23 XP Total


I cast forth these thoughts in full faith that they will be received, and in full knowledge that you perceive all lies and truth, punishing completely attempts at the former while rewarding the latter with eventual power and enlightenment.

I have been patient, as you have instructed me. I have watched the agents of Firewall and Ozma embedded in this mission as they circle one another seeking to bend the expedition to their purposes. I have watched as wild-card elements position themselves against future possibility, and above all I have carefully sifted the many amazing discoveries sent back by our forward exploration team and analyzed by our scientists. 

Your wisdom and perception, as always, leave me in awe. I can only believe that you knew what we might discover, what universe-bending principles we might obliquely glimpse in this place. 

After many days of no contact, our forward exploration team repaired the communication umbilical on their way back to base camp. Their experiences were sufficiently traumatic that they felt it worth returning to report their findings as well as to repair their psyches before heading back out on their long-term mission to find Gunderson's missing expedition and the city ruins tentatively believed to be some 300,000 kilometers away. They reported that the smaller ruins found by Dr. Byers during his previous expedition were, in fact, the remains of a unique derelict craft, one meant not to travel through space, but meant to travel through layers of dimensional reality. Once our scientists came to grips with the reports, supplemented by extensive XP, and began to analyze the extensive calculations scrawled all over the craft by Gunderson and his team, the more they came to realize the potential and the danger of this vehicle. 

It created dimensional echoes of the team members who, perhaps recklessly, attempted to prod the broken technology to life. One such echo had enough reality to physically attack its original, and subsequently to share exploration and theorycrafting before being executed. The control mechanism for this vessel appears to respond to those blessed to be receivers for the Black Signal. From all that you have told me, this makes sense, for the Signal comes to us from beyond conventionally-understood four-dimensional space-time. If this technology, even shattered as it might be, contains enough functionality to respond to the Black Signal, I have every expectation that with some personal, hands-on study I will be one step closer to achieving your aims.

To this end, I proposed, and found rapid approval for, a plan to establish a small base-camp at the vessel. Myself, two theoretical physicists and two security personnel loyal to me (as Oversight agent) accompanied by two of of Kitano's accursed cult were dropped off at the site by the forward exploration team on their way back out. The presence of the cultists constrains me somewhat, as does my cover as an Oversight agent, but as you taught me patience on the plains of Mars, you taught me the long view. Kitano's suspicions cannot be everywhere, and as dangerous as they are, the underlings he left are still only two, and we are far from reinforcements or vengeance. 

Much of my timing, however, depends on Kitano himself. So long as he maintains communication to his underlings via the microwave mesh umbilical they're creating as they extend their journeys the more risk is involved in taking any direct action. It is a double-edged sword, however. This same communication permits me to monitor their activities and mesh communication. About 90,000 kilometers further out from this derelict craft they encountered the border between the fairly benign ecosphere we have become accustomed to and a dramatically different one. The borderlands where these two evolutionarily dissimilar biospheres collide has proven a dangerous place where evolution has run amok. Within this zone they discovered another of Gunderson's camps. This one had an AI guardian of a data cache. The forward team was able to discover three other camps established as data caches by Gunderson in addition to that one and the math-scrawled derelict ship. These locations will prove useful sources of information and resources for the expedition.

They moved on into an alien biosphere. This one apparently populated by exotic megafauna and unusually parasitic spores of some sort. Two of their number nearly succumbed, although sadly Kitano was neither of them. His infection preserves him even there it seems. I will continue to monitor their progress, waiting patiently for my moment. There is always the chance, after all, that the fragile umbilical between my camp and their expedition will become severed. Should that happen, I will commune with you once more, hopefully with far better news and transcendent insight.

I remain your faithful servant, O Soul of Humanity. May my service find favor in your eternal eyes.



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