Naomi Jensen-Velasquez

" psych profile fit a certain... "moral flexibility" would be the only way to describe it."


“I know that now, that’s all bullshit. You do it because you were trained to do it, because you were encouraged to do it, and because, eventually, you, you know… get to like it.”

Cognition – 1
Intuition – 2
Coordination – 0
Somatics – 1
Savvy – 0
Willpower – 2

Advancement Trigger
Deduction – An accusation leads to blood.

XP Gained: 61
XP Spent: 54

Impulse Psi
Your async abilities have been honed into a deadly weapon. You can Open Fire using Willpower with your brain as a weapon (Class 3, adjacent, close, concealed, penetrating, silenced). Your attacks harm your victims’ minds directly, although there may be physical damage as well. This move only affects minds contained in a biological brain.

Psi-Chi Sleights Psi
Your async abilities can be used to augment the physical capabilities of any biomorph. Face Adversity using Willpower. On a success, add two upgrades to your morph increasing it’s Class by +1. You may choose any morph upgrades so long as you can conceivably justify it in the narrative. This change will last until you use this move again.

False Identity
You maintain a number of fake identities that start with neutral standing with all factions. As long as a chosen identity holds, your actions can’t be traced back to you.

The Human Touch
You approach human interaction with certain degree of intellectual analysis and async intuition. When you make an Assessment of a person, you may use Willpower. If you do, you get two data points on a 10+ and one data point on a 7-9.

Mercurial Mind
You have the optional additional Advancement Trigger “An action highlights your differences from humanity.” This trigger can be invoked once per game like any other INSTEAD of whichever trigger you currently possess. You never lose or cross out this trigger.

Any successful (10+) Move that results in someone’s death also leaves no evidence that you committed the act.

Battlefield Medic
Medicine is more important when you only have one life to live. When you are Patching Up people, not fighting, you get +1 armor.

You can suffer two mental instabilities of each severity rather than one.

Psi-Chi Reception Psi
You may make Assessments using Willpower. When Assessing a person sleeved in a biomorph, you can learn secrets nobody but the target knows.  When Assessing a thing, you can learn secrets about its past or those who owned or handled it last. When Assessing an event, you can learn details no one else could uncover.

When you charge into battle with no regard for your own safety or survival, gain +1 armor. When you are doing so while leading a Crew, you have Advantage to Command them.

Used Trigger
Mercurial Mind (Asynch) A misunderstanding causes strife (4)
Assassination (Exhuman) A weakness is removed (5)
Battlefield Medic (Ultimate) A mental trauma is survived (6)
Ego – (1 Cognition) Came to a significant conclusion (4)
Resilience – -A culture clash causes strife- (7)
Psi-Chi Reception – -A secret is unearthed- (8)
Berserker – -Superiority is acknowledged- (9)
Ego – (
1 Savvy) – -Talked your way out of (or into) danger- (5)
Ego – (+1 Intuition) – -Made a startlingly accurate guess – (6)

Serious Mental Trauma –
Serious Mental Trauma -
Major Mental Trauma – Mind Piercing by Titan Mental Scream
Major Mental Trauma – Temporal Displacement
Minor Mental Trauma -
Minor Mental Trauma -

Class One – Wilderness Kit: Tools to traverse hostile landscapes. Ropes, climbing tools, light sources, breather mask, tent, sleeping bag, heat lamp, thermal blanket, water filter, etc.
Class One – Bulletproof Suit (Class 1 Formal, +Meshweave, +1 Armor)
Class Two – Ghosts are partially designed for combat applications, but their primary focus is stealth and infiltration. Their genetic profile encourages speed, agility, and reflexes, and their minds are modified for patience and problem-solving.
Armor: 0 Upgrades: +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Adrenal Boost, +Chameleon Skin, +Enhanced Senses, +Grip Pads
Class Three – “Cat” – State of the art custom-designed smart cat, Unique Asset. Anyone in the know might point out that it’s a… surprisingly well-designed model, and very valuable. Cat is a small orange striped kitten that can often be found around Naomi’s shoulders, though Cat often wanders where it wants.


Perfectly normal person here, with no spooky powers and not at all someone who kills people with their mind.


She certainly wasn’t part of the Lost Generation. And she absolutely was not a part of the Lost Generation that was backed up and put into cold storage only to later be retrieved and warmed up to be a part of a second (small, so very small) program that was designed to turn the overly emotional murder inclined Lost into less emotional super secret killers. Nope. None of that happened. It also certainly didn’t happen that she, outfitted with aliases and the ability to get into many different places as provided by the Corp, started to notice changes.

There /was/ a lot of psychosurgery but, well, sometimes that stuff just… doesn’t take the way it should. Sometimes someone starts to notice things, like food tastes good (or bad) and they enjoy warm cozy sweaters, the cool, slick feel of metal and that maybe they’re not just a emotionless drone. (Someone also might wonder if they like killing too much but that’s a topic for other days, Maybe says where there are people to talk to about those things but this theoretical person isn’t entirely certain about friends, either.)

Naomi, since that’s the name that was picked out of the most recent batch of identities, realized that a lot of money was being passed through her for her services. None of it came to her. She wasn’t even being paid – just maintained – as a part of the program. After all, she isn’t even technically a real person. Even if she was a real person, she’s certainly not one that is supposed to be up and awake and moving.

One day, a Wednesday, Naomi changed her appearance, didn’t pass on the money to her handlers, and just left. She started heading out as far as she could go. She started on a ship that was less trackable at the time but she’s skipped about different bodies, different places, different names, different genders, different types of beings…. until she’s gotten here. To Carnivale. With her little orange kitten without a name. Where did it come from? Not sure but it is a good travel companion.

The drugs are interesting. The food is interesting. The people…. There are a lot of people. Most of them seem fine. They’re …. living.

Emily Anglin – Emily remembers her siblings best. It may be that she was originally Emily but it is hard to tell – remembering everything and nothing about everyone sometimes makes pulling the pieces apart a challenge. It seems likely that she was the first one, with all of the killing and torture of her siblings but…. Well. There are many horrible things that she’s done to many people over the years. Still, this seems the most clinical.

Dimitri Vadim Grigorievich – Dimtri was sent out to kill a child. He was very confused about why a child needed to die but it didn’t stop him from performing the job. The little girl died in her sleep, the cortical stake retrieved for those who had sent him. The image of the little girl laying there, still, almost peaceful, still floats up to the surface from time to time.

Kitani Taka – Kitani spent almost two days in a ventilation duct waiting for her target to pass by. He was supposed to be there regularly, the information said. Multiple times a day, back and forth to work and home and everywhere else but he didn’t come by for almost two days. When he did come, finally, finally, it didn’t take her long to do her job. The man paused, blinked and slumped to the ground. It wasn’t needed to be a permanent death, so she didn’t have to grab the cortical stack.

Morgan Rhys-Jones – Morgan was a very strange assignment. He was brought out to look pretty and smile on the arm of some Martian socialite. The details a bit muddled but he was there in the glittering elite of the elite. It was a strange assignment in that he was requested to get very close and very personal with as many of the gliterati as possible, being brought into back rooms and passed around. This memory was wiped very cleanly in most realities Naomi would have sworn she didn’t have that sort of knowledge of erogenous zones. There were a rash of illnesses during and after the party, some of them embarrassingly public. Even the healthiest of them, with medichines and all ended up facing consequences.

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Naomi Jensen-Velasquez

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