Marco Macek


Ego \\ 7
… Cognition / +0
… Intuition / +1
… Coordination / +2
… Somatics / +2
… Savvy / +2
… Willpower / +0

Damage: Minor – Fluid Loss
Trauma: Minor – Asphyxiation Phobia

Data Points: Moon Spider Planet (1), Synthetic Dataphage (1), Nanofog Power Systems (1)

XP: 5 ( 69 total)

Background \\
… Scumborn /

Faction \\
… Belter /

Moves \\ 10

Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.

…Human Element/
You know that the weakest point of any system is the human element. You may Access a system using Savvy instead of Intuition provided you could reasonably contact someone who already has access.

When using a psychosurgical simulspace facility, your Patch Up can be used to treat mental instabilities of any severity, and you may attempt to retrieve someone from Insane with Disadvantage.

…Team Player/
Whenever you successfully Get Involved your next die roll has Advantage.

When you Open Fire or Launch Assault, you choose one or more consequences on a partial success (7-9), not the GM.

…Sneak Attack /
When you get the drop on someone, Roll+Coordination.
On a 10+, choose 1.
On a 7-9, the GM will give you 2 of the following options, choose 1 of them.
• Kill them
• Injure them
• Rob/disarm them
• Capture/disable them

… Survival /
You can scrounge up the following from all but the most barren, inhospitable surroundings:
• Somewhat edible food and drink
• Basic medicine or first-aid materials
• Rustic Wilderness Kit
• Primitive Class 0 melee weapon

… Zero-G Sex Fiend /
Contortions are your thing. You gain +1 to your Coordination stat, to a maximum of +2.

… Recklessness /
When you make a needlessly risky Move where the odds are a million to one, roll 1d6 instead of making a normal Roll. On a 4, 5 or 6, the Move is a fantastically lucky success. On a 1, 2 or 3, the Move is a spectacularly awful failure with harsh consequences.

… Unique Weapon / The Pacifist (Class 3 Pistol)

… “A Code, Such As It Is”
When you Open Fire in defense of, or on behalf of, someone to whom you owe a debt you have Advantage.

Assets \\
…Exalt Morph (Class 1) / Armor: +1 – Upgrades: +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Adrenal Boost, +Muscle Augmentation

…Credit (Class 1 Resource) / Funds gained from selling a shifty bounty hunter slightly inaccurate information.

…Guanxi Rep (Class 1 Resource) / You have mutual aid connections among the criminal underworld. When rolling the Acquisition Basic Move related to this resource on a 10+, your Class Rank won’t decrease. On a 7-9 or a failure, it may become depleted in whole or part. When your Resource Asset reaches Class 0, it’s said to be “depleted” and is gone.

…The Pacifist (Class 3 Weapon) / Pistol, Close/Adjacent +Concealed, +Impact, +Penetrating Marco carries a disarmingly small pistol of his own design that despite it’s small size bypasses most conventional armor and often has enough punch to knock foes off their feet. If that weapon is ever lost, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming a new Class 3 weapon.

…The Suit (Class 2 Armor) / +Formal, +Meshweave, +Shielded Marco wears a nicely tailored suit that is crafted to stylishly incorporate cutting edge meshweave and shielding technology while remaining comfortable and fashionable. The Suit confers +2 armor on the wearer.

Advancements \\

Cosmopolitan (Socialite) 11: A rumor spreads like wildfire.
Stealth (Criminal) 10: An unsuspecting victim is exploited.
Human Element (Hypercorp) 9: A rich resource is found.
Savvy +1 (Ego) 6: Talked your way out of (or into) danger.
Psychosurgery (Firewall) 8: An X-Risk is stopped (or slowed)
Team Player (Reclaimer) 7: A terror is evaded.
Intuition +1 (Ego) 5: Made a startlingly accurate guess.
Tactics (Firewall) 6: A secret is kept.
Sneak Attack (Criminal) 5: A deal ends in betrayal.
Survival (Gatecrasher) 4: An alien wilderness was traversed.
Cognition +1 (Ego) 4: Came to a significant conclusion.


“What you have to ask yourself, Marco, is how a nice guy like you ended up hogtied with a band of smart-material cuffs on the shiny metal floor of what is presumably somebody’s cleanup room? You have to ask yourself, am I a mess to be cleaned up? I mean, I’m definitely a mess, but I don’t think it’s time to send me off to the cleaners just yet. Good thing I’m flexible.”

Flexibility is a thing that Marco Macek knows a little about. In the years after the Fall, you had to be flexible. Grandmama Macek used to love telling people that her principles couldn’t be compromised. That she’d sooner fall over dead than bend an inch on something she’d set her mind to. Grandmama Macek never made it off of Earth though. Too proud. Too stubborn. Too rigid. When the Fall happened, the universe snapped her up in it’s jaws and broke her in half, and then her precious principles didn’t do her much good anymore. Fortunately, Marco’s parents were a little more compromising. They’d always been willing to cut a deal or make a trade. Franco and Bettina Macek understood that nothing is so stuck in place that it can’t be slid out with the proper application of force, money, or compromise.

It came as no surprise to anyone that the Maceks were more than willing to throw their lot in with anarchists, autonomists, and ultimately the scum that would form the fleet known as “Lick Me I’m Delicious”. Given that the stated goal was to see every available planet, and especially in those early years, everything else was pretty much make it up as you went along, Marco led an interesting childhood. He learned the ins and outs of a reputation based economy. He learned to make due with what was on hand. He learned that taking risks was how you got ahead in life.

Mostly what he learned though was that the anarchists weren’t really all that different than anyone else. There were still rules and rulers. They just formed up differently. And the notion that you could do whatever you wanted wasn’t really accurate. What you could and couldn’t do was just obfuscated a bit more. There were unwritten or unspoken lines, out there behind all the talk of freedom of this, and freedom of that. So he decided what he really needed was freedom from all of the freedoms he didn’t have access to on the swarm. He took a risk, and as Lick Me I’m Delicious passed from Mars on out towards Jupiter, Marco decided to go it on his own. It turned out to be a huge mistake.

Unprepared for the transition from the swarm’s rep based economy and the more hardline economics of the Belt, Marco found himself out of money, out of luck, and rapidly running out of options. And there’s always someone willing to scoop up people down on their luck, and fix things for them. For a price. Under the tutelage of his new taskmasters, Marco learned the necessary skills to work off his debt. That just like his parents had always believed, nothing is so stuck in place that it can’t be slid out with the proper application of force, money, or compromise. He learned how to work graft, violence, and trickery, and he learned that there were people a lot better than him at all of those things. He learned that those people worked for people even better at those things than they were, and that those people ran most of the Belt. It took years to earn the funds and the respect to get loose from the arrangement he’d gotten himself into in a few short months. Hard lessons, but valuable ones. The swarm hadn’t been right for him, but neither had the Guanxi that ran the Belt.

Time for another risk. Time for something new. He was good at finding things and people. Not afraid to apply violence if the situation warranted it, but not eager to do so when it didn’t. Too much distaste for authority to join up with military service or to be a cog in a hypercorp’s well oiled machine. Freelance then. At first just recovering stolen merchandise, but as he got better at the nuances of this new line of work, criminals that had tried to lose themselves in the nooks and crannies of the Belt. Sometimes maybe people who’d skipped out on their debts. Still small time, until a corporate exec in a fancy suit with an offer too good to refuse convinced him to track down a dangerous fugitive from an experimental program. One of those Lost Generation psychos.

Marco took the job and set to work finding the bounty. But things are never as simple as they appear on the surface. And when you’ve already spent your fee, and realize that you can’t just turn the bounty over like you promised, you realize that maybe you should find a new line of work again. Which is how Marco Macek found himself on Carnivale, trying to make ends meet with a pop star, a professional gatecrasher, a shady octomorph, and the Lost Generation bounty that he’d been chasing in the first place.

Marco Macek

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