Cognition: +0
Intuition: +2
Coordination: +0
Somatics: -1
Savvy: +1
Willpower: +1

Background- Infolife
When you Access a system, it locks out everyone else. You can open the system to anyone you wish.

Faction- Async
False Identity
You maintain a number of fake identities that start with neutral standing with all factions. As long as a chosen identity holds, your actions can’t be traced back to you.

Kinesics Specialist
When you talk to someone who is at your mercy or otherwise mentally unguarded, gain 3 Data Points about them: their lives, their job, their transactions, their friends, their family, their guilt, their shame, etc.

Class 2 Infomorph-
+Virtual, +Copylock, +Panopticon, +Emergency Backup, +Active Countermeasures

Class 1 Crew of Techs-
+Equipped (Survey Kit)

Class 1 Synthmorph- Spare
Armor: +1, +Access Jack, +Cortical Stack, +Cyberbrain, +Mesh Inserts, +Mnemonic Augmentation, +Stigmatized, +Temperature Tolerance[All], +Vacuum Sealing, +Magnetic System, +Puppet Sock


Kvasir is an AGI who has spent most of its life working for the Titanian Commonwealth’s Ministry of Science. Several years ago it was on a research & salvage assignment to a derelict ship found only a week’s travel from Titan. The ship was of a fairly common design, but it lacked any identifiers about who owned it or where it came from. It initially seemed as if the ship was devoid of life, until what appeared to be a swarmanoid attempted to force its way onto the research vessel. Kvasir, in a biomorph at the time, managed to vent it out the airlock before it could make to the new ship, but not before it felt the sensation of something spiking into its mind. Forensic evidence left behind showed that the swarm had been organic. Remains of the crew were found in conduits and crawlspaces, and it appeared that some cycle of infection, hollowing out of the human form, and then birthing a swarm had slowly killed everyone over weeks while the crew simply waited to die.
Since that event, Kvasir has done its best to avoid being in an organic body, and to block out the odd impulses that sometimes rise to the surface.


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