Kiyoshi "Noah" Kitano

The Ultimates... weren't. But WE will be.


Ego \\
… Cognition / +0
… Intuition / +0
… Coordination / +1
… Somatics / +3
… Savvy / -1
… Willpower / +2

Background \\
…Fall Evacuee /

Faction \\
… “Ex-”Ultimate/

Banked XP: 7

Moves \\
Mortification of the Flesh
When you make physical contact with another biomorph and will the Barabbas Strain to do its worst, Face Adversity using Willpower. On a success, something truly horrific will happen to their flesh.
Excellent Morph:
You escaped with your body intact. Good thing, as it’s a pretty nice one. You have a Class 3 Morph. If your morph is ever lost or damaged, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming new Class 3 morph.
Flawless Specimen:
People respect your superior physicality. You may roll Somatics instead of Savvy when you Command people.
You have a hand-picked, elite Class 3 Crew. Given enough time and training, you can replace lost members of this crew with new NPCs.
Terrible Insights:
You’ve pushed your mind in ways few others would dare. Write “Terrible Insights” in the space for your Minor Instability. This may never be Patched Up, cured, or removed. But the things you’ve seen have only stiffened your resolve. You always have Advantage when you Take Trauma.
You can suffer two mental instabilities of each severity rather than one.
Psi-Chi Reception:
You may make Assessments using Willpower. When Assessing a person sleeved in a biomorph, you can learn secrets nobody but the target knows. When Assessing a thing, you can learn secrets about its past or those who owned or handled it last. When Assessing an event, you can learn details no one else could uncover.
Psi-Chi Sleights:
Your async abilities can be used to augment the physical capabilities of any biomorph. Face Adversity using Willpower. On a success, add two upgrades to your morph increasing it’s Class by 1. You may choose any morph upgrades so long as you can conceivably justify it in the narrative. This change will last until you use this move again.
When forcefully dismantling, demolishing or breaking something, Roll+Somatics.
On a 10+, choose 2.
On a 7-9, choose 1.
• It doesn’t take very long.
• It doesn’t attract too much attention.
• You recover useful components.
• You could rebuild or reassemble it.
• You gain a Data Point about it.
When you Open Fire or Launch Assault, you choose one or more consequences on a partial success (7-9), not the GM.
True Grit:
You persevere despite all odds and manage to pull through. You may Patch Up using Willpower instead of Cognition.
You can suffer two injuries of each severity, rather than one.
Opened Mind Rating = 4:
Your GM is doing strange things to reality and you are increasingly okay with that.

Assets \\
Ultima Custom Morph (Class 3): +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Bioweave, +Chameleon Skin, +Muscle Augmentation, +Hardened Skeleton, +Medichines, +Enhanced Senses
…The Acolytes: Crew (Class 3) “The Twelve Who Were Chosen, aka the Chosen, aka the Altimates”: Squad, +Fearless, +Loyal, +Armed
…Muramasa: Melee Weapon (Class 2) Beam Katana: +Energy, +Penetrating, +Destructive (x2)
…Formal Robe: Attire (Class 1): +Meshweave (Kurowear)
…ExploreNet Connections_: Resources (Class 1) ExploreNet Connections.

Advancement Triggers \\
Conventional morality is ignored (Singularity Seeker >>> Terrible Insights)
Survived or overcame something with sheer physical ability (Ego >>> Somatics +1)
Survived serious trauma (Ego >>> Willpower +1)
A problem is fixed alone (Brinker >>> Resilience)
An accusation leads to blood (Async >>> Psi-Chi Reception)
A secret is unearthed (Async >>> Psi-Chi Sleights)
A misunderstanding escalates (Brinker >>> Dismantle)
A challenge is overcome with discipline (Ultimates >>> Tactics)
Technology causes a crisis. (Bioconservative >>> True Grit)
An injury is sustained (Barsoomian >>> Toughness)
An action increases your alienation from baseline reality

Wounds \\

Trauma \\
Minor: Terrible Insights Minor: Watts-MacLeod
Major: Cerebral Hemorrhage

Battle Scars \\
-Minor: Alien chemical burns
-Major: Electrical Burns
-Major: Alien dino-bite

Data Points \\
Local Olaf Geography
Mysterious Ring Structure
Factor Biology
Factor Psychology
Base Camp Odd Behavior
The Tree-Gate
The Tree Network x2
Fungal OS
Darius Croenig-Bern
Dr. Gundarson
Moab Strain
Yellow Crystals
Transdimensional math
Transdimensional refugees x3
Reality-warping sphere effects
The Singing
Bioluminescent psychic carnivores
Jungle biosphere
Unnatural Sinkhole
New alien civilization
alien technology
Historical visitors to ancient civilizations
Bat aliens
Venusian gate expedition
The Tunneler x2

The Chosen:

M-Renn “Flesh” Brand – Noah’s right-hand man. Curious, incredibly fit (second only to Noah), and strong wry sense of humor. Has a strange aversion to XP and doesn’t tolerate its use by others around him easily.

Allegra “Demoness” Nourish – Microbiologist and nanoplague innovatrix. Speaks rarely and in deliberate, punctuated fashion.

MacReady “Hound” Childs – Pilot and scout. Gruff and distrustful. But good company for a drink on quiet cold nights.

Bennell “Accuser” Bellicec – Missionary. The most likely of the 12 to socialize and spread the good word with outsiders. Charming, fits right in wherever he goes.

Kirsty “Leviathan” Channard – Psychoanalyst. Sarcastic, analytical subscriber to game theory. Prone to scarification of her morphs.

Kirie “Spiral” Saito – Slightly dreamy in personality. Pleasantly hazy in conversation but strangely hardens and becomes focused when brutality takes place. Nobody really knows what her role is except perhaps Kitano.

Lionel “Ratmonkey” McGruder – The skeevy, unkempt mechanic of the bunch who also handles repurposing and disposing of any… waste that the group happens to have on hand. Has mother issues.

Stathis “Kafka” Brundle – Quantum physicist, unarmed combat enthusiast. Occasionally accident-prone and slightly bipolar. Accompanied Group 2 back through the Airlock.

(5 to go)


Kiyoshi Kitano was a true believer in Bhattacharya’s Ultimate philosophy, an adherent prior to the Fall who walked away from a family of great affluence in order to devote himself to his would-be mentor’s standard, fighting as one of many rank and file mercenaries in the nascent organization prior to the Fall to eventually find himself a reasonably well-respected executive and evangelist on the habitat of Struggle. Struggle, of course, was lost during the Fall and Kiyoshi, a mere Initiate with some promise among the Ultimates, was evacuated from the habitat successfully prior to its destruction.

Kiyoshi’s escape was not, however, without life-altering consequences. While his shuttle was able to escape the main Titan onslaught upon the habitat, it became clear over the course of its journey that a TITAN nanovirus with particularly virulent, flesh-warping capacities had made its way onto the craft. Many of the crew succumbed to the virus prior to the few remaining survivors, Kitano among them, finding a way to seal a small portion of the craft from its ravages and, after several months in space, the virus seemed to either die out or become dormant once it no longer had a series of biomorphs to transform. Perhaps in a show of some arrogance, a small team of the survivors, led by an increasingly entrepreneurial Kitano, decided to retrieve the cortical stacks and some of the leftover… biomatter that remained stuck to the various facilities in the shuttle’s housing to determine if there was anything of value to be learned from the TITAN attack.

The team discovered that there were still dormant traces of the nanovirus within the material they recovered. While the core of the virus itself was still incredibly toxic to any sort of biomatter, some added experimentation (the nature of which was well beyond Kiyoshi’s understanding) revealed a strain, named by a particularly self-indulgent scientist on Ariel the “Barabbas” strain, that was capable of coming into contact with engineered biomorph flesh without warping it into unrecognizable liquid. Instead, the flesh became incredibly protean and adaptive to its surroundings, albeit not entirely predictable. The intent of this overzealous team had, in theory, been to develop the strain further, after several more safety protocols had been put in place, into a potential vaccine against future TITAN viral attacks. However, that opportunity was quickly put to an end when Kiyoshi’s team’s activities came to light and his Ultimate brethren demanded, forcefully, an immediate destruction of the virus and any strains the team had been able to cultivate from it. Kiyoshi and his crew initially feigned agreement and then… opted out of what Kiyoshi deemed the failed Ultimate experiment. Kiyoshi voluntarily ingested the Barabbas strain and his small cadre of fervent devotees, made loyal through a combination of Kitano’s inspirational example and the traumas they’d endured on the long arduous departure from Struggle, departed Ariel in particularly bloody fashion.

Kitano is now the head of a small cult of personality, a church of roughly a dozen former Ultimates who still strive to reach the heights of Transhumanity, but who have since determined that doing so means leaving the physical and moral space of their brethren behind. The Gates are the key, as leaving this place will allow them to explore, experience, strengthen, and endure, with the prize being to return and guide humanity in how they might follow.

Kiyoshi "Noah" Kitano

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