Ivan Kuro

I am very much down to earth, just not this earth.



  • Cognition +1
  • Intuition +0
  • Coordination +0
  • Somatics -1
  • Savvy +3
  • Willpower +2

Hyperelite: You are privileged to have been raised as part of the immortal upper class that rules many inner system habitats and hypercorps. You were pampered with wealth and influence that most people can only dream of.

Socialite: You are a member of the inner system glitterati, the media-saturated social cliques that set trends, spread memes, and make or break lives with whispers, innuendo, and backroom deals. You are simultaneously an icon and a devout follower. Culture isn’t just your life, it’s your weapon of choice.


  1. Fashion Forward
    Your innovative designs are functional as well as aesthetic. If someone is wearing one of your designs, you can Get Involved to aid them using Savvy even if you’re not physically present. Your works of art carry the day on your behalf.
  2. Scapegoat
    When you would suffer social, legal or financial consequences, name someone and Roll Savvy.
    On a 10+, they suffer instead.
    On a 7-9, as above. They know it was you.
    On a 6-, it didn’t work, and they know what you tried to do.
  3. Cosmopolitan
    When you make an Assessment of any aspect of a society (culture, traditions, laws, government, economy, etc) you gain 3 Data Points about that subject on a 10+, and 1 Data Point about that subject on a 7-9.
  4. Inspiration
    Choose an emotion and the medium/art with which you convey it, then Roll Savvy or Coordination.
    On a 7-9, the emotion takes hold of your audience.
    On a 10+, as above, and choose 1:
    • You gain a keen admirer.
    • You are treated lavishly.
    • You can Command the audience.
  5. Kinesics Specialist
    When you talk to someone who is at your mercy or otherwise socially unguarded, gain 3 Data Points about them: their lives, their job, their transactions, their friends, their family, their guilt, their shame, etc.
  6. Augment
    Your Patch Up can temporarily add increase the Class of any damaged Attire or Morph by +1. Add the appropriate number of additional Upgrades for the duration.
  7. Resilience
    You can suffer two mental instabilities of each severity rather than one.
  8. Stealth
    Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.
  9. Crystalline Song
    You can open your mind to the song of the crystalline intelligence. You may make an Assessment using Willpower. When you do, you get one data point on a 7-9 and 2 data points on a 10+. One of these data points must be of a thing you have no rational means to know.

Modified Sylph Morph: +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Skinflex, +Enhanced Pheromones
Formal Wear for All Occasions
Staunch Suit: +Shielded, +Meshweave
STUNNING gloves: +shock, +concealed – Melee weapon. Shimmering gloves that appear to lack any purpose and don’t register as anything on most scanners. Sometimes they stun people upon contact. Sometimes people just find them stunning. Literally. They just walk away looking dazed and muttering to themselves.
Disco Stick: A shimmering metallic walking cane. +Energy

Data Points

  • Alien structure
  • Factor biology
  • Factor bio-weapons
  • Factor traps
  • Gunderson’s math
  • Kitano
  • Kirsty Channard (Kitano’s psychosurgeon cultist)
  • Base camp political factions
  • Darius Croenig-Bern (3)
  • Fungal tree gate
  • Odd behavior at base camp
  • Mo’abite strain of the exsurgent virus
  • Trans-dimensional ship systems
  • Trans-dimensional refugees x2
  • Trans-dimensional being sociology
  • Gate Functionality
  • Jungle threats
  • Solar spectrometry
  • Mysterious cenote
  • Navigate weird caverns
  • Alien chronology
  • Alien technology
  • Space bat aliens
  • Space bat alien negotiations
  • Space bat alien religion
  • Space bat People Culture
  • Space bat People Courtship
  • Crystalline Interface
  • Venusian Olaf expedition
  • Data point on The Tunneler (2)
  • The great war
  • Gate travel
  • Gate code to Pangaea
The Maddening and Brilliant Ivan Kuro: Excerpts from an Interview

By Victoria Katsov

Fashion is not a passive art form. It is not merely a physical representation of desire or individual expression. Fashion has the power to persuade, create, and inspire. Ivan Kuro, one of the undisputed luminaries of the fashion world, seeks to prove that with his latest collection, Phinesse.

Inspired by his infamous stint as a neo-dolphin in his youth, Phinesse employs swarm technology to evoke the feeling of being adrift at sea. Of serenity amidst chaos. The collection, already wildly popular among critics and consumers alike, has benefited from the groundbreaking nanoswarm research performed in conjunction with Skinthetics at the behest of Mr. Kuro.

VK: You’ve been lauded for your determination to incorporate new technologies with each release of a new collection, what drives you to keep one-upping yourself?

IK: Haute couture, like all art forms, is inherently bound by the ideas and resources available to the society in which it is created. We live in an age of unprecedented technological advances and discoveries, and yet the majority of our fashion has changed little in the past several centuries. FutureForm aims to revolutionize the way we view fashion. It is an art form that can interact with the environment and people around us. The marriage of form and function. I hope that my research into new materials will lead the charge in producing advances in smart clothing and swarm wear.

VK: There has been speculation about your… romantic inclinations given your brief stint as a neo-dolphin and the recent photographs that were leaked of your Venusian vacation with Dr. Dieter Beloi. Do you care to comment about your relationship with Dr. Beloi and uplifts in general?

IK: Dieter is a long-time colleague and occasional lover. Yes, yes I know I’ve been accused by the small-minded of the fashion world of having a fetish for uplifts. And of course they never let me live down the summer in my youth that I spent as a neo-dolphin (which served as the inspiration for one of my most successful collections to date, I might add). It’s all nonsense. I simply have a more expansive idea of beauty than most and am not bound by outdated prejudices that treat uplifts as the ‘other.’

VK: You’ve served as a materials consultant on many high profile projects for several research companies on Extropia and even within the Planetary Consortium . Have you considered re-branding and shifting your focus into other markets the way Galliato has in recent years?

IK: Darcy and Djen Kuro are attempting to renovate their image after several failed collections from my darling brother. Poor Robert. He’s never had an eye for fashion and he lacks the ambition to carry Galliato on his own. They’ve all been hounding me to visit and I’ve already heard through the grapevine that they’re hoping for a collaboration. It’s not going to happen. Ever. The more distressing news is that they’re actually considering sending my brother to visit me. To talk. In person.

VK: Perish the thought. Thank you Mr. Kuro.

Ivan Kuro

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