Irina Kuznetsova


Having died from a freak exofungal infection, Irina is now sleeved in a custom synthmorph designed by Astraeus.


Irina Kuznetsova came to Carnivale with a small team on an investigation that is still something of a mystery to her new associates. Unfortunately, before she could return from whence she came. Carnivale came under attack by the Ultimates, trapping her there. She made common cause with a team of gatecrashers, coming up with a plan to storm the Carnivale gate notwithstanding the fact that it was heavily fortified. Her main contribution, however, was in providing a destination, namely Lassiter, a mysterious exoplanetary facility owned and operated by Astraeus (a.k.a. Danielle Astra). What Irina’s connection with Astraeus is remains somewhat vague, but she has committed to helping run logistics for new gatecrashing efforts out of the Lassiter gate to find the necessary resources to survive when cut off from the solar system.

Irina Kuznetsova

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