Elsie "Luna" Seo-hyun Chae

Look at you go, I just adore you!


Ego \\
… Cognition / +0
… Intuition / +1
… Coordination / +0
… Somatics / +3
… Savvy / +3
…Willpower / -1

Background \\
… Lunar Colonist /

Faction \\
… Anarchist /

Moves \\
… Revolution Coming /
When you Launch Assault against an agent or force of oppressive hierarchy you have Advantage.
… Everything Shiny and New /
The galaxy is full of new things to see and new feelings to feel and the best way experience them is wholeheartedly. When you make an Assessment using Savvy you get two data points on a 10+ and one data point on a 7-9.
… Affable /
You get along well with almost everyone in your own way. You are most comfortable around others, and get lonely quickly. You gain +1 to your Savvy stat, to a maximum of +2.
… Leadership /
You have a hand-picked, elite Class 3 Crew. Given enough time and training, you can replace lost members of this crew with new NPCs.
… Inspiration /
Choose an emotion and the medium/art with which you convey it, then Roll+Savvy or +Coordination.
On a 7-9, the emotion takes hold of your audience.
On a 10+, as above, and choose 1:
• You gain a keen admirer.
• You are treated lavishly.
• You can Command the audience.
… Sabotage /
When you tamper with machines, plans, etc, describe how you go about it and Roll+[Stat]. On a 10+ the target of your tampering is doomed to fail, just as you planned. On a 7-9, the target of your tampering is doomed to fail spectacularly, horrifically or comically, at the GM’s discretion.
…Berserker /
When you charge into battle with no regard for your own safety or survival, gain +1-armor. When you are doing so while leading a Crew, you have Advantage to Command them.
…Fame /
Decide what you are famous/infamous for. Factions, groups and people of importance always know who you are when you meet them. Allies may use your +Savvy if they speak in your name, but you’ll suffer for any faux-pas. You have Advantage whenever you roll the Acquisition move in a situation where your fame would incline others to extend you credit.

Advancement \\
… Total Experience \ 28
… Current Experience \ 1/?
… Trigger \
Another’s autonomy is defended 4
A challenge is overcome through strength 5
Survived or overcame something through sheer physical ability 4
A challenge is overcome by THE POWER OF LOVE 6
A relationship changes dramatically. 7
Talked your way out of (or into) danger 5

Trauma \\
…Peraonality Dysphoria (Major) /

Assets \\
…The Moonrise! (Class 3 Crew) / Squad, +Artillery, +Beautiful, +Loyal
… The Body! (Class 2 Morph) / Biomorph, +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Bioweave, +Enhanced Pheremones, +Medichines, +Mental Speed
… The Murderlance! (Class 1 Weapon) / Melee, Close/Adjacent, +Hafted Two-Handed, +Penetrating
… The Bulletproof Eveningwear! (Class 1 Attire) / Cultural, +Meshweave
… Smart Grenades for the Moonrise! (Class 2 Heavy) / +Destructive, +Seeking, +Penetrating, +Clumsy


…pretty fucked up, even by interplanetary pop sensation standards. But have some True Luna Facts while she dodges answering your questions!

- Luna will braid your hair, and also fight you.
- Luna prefers to be called Elsie, but has long since given up on getting people to do that.
- Luna believes in smashing the apparatuses of state, corporate, and political hierarchy, and also believes in the power of love, in the fist-pumping glam-metal anthem sense.
- Luna thinks you’re super great, and believes in you.
- Luna has personal theme music that accompanies her everywhere, but only the pure of heart can hear. Rest assured, her theme music is both truly outrageous, and utterly contagious.
- Luna has a long list of ex-lovers; they’ll tell you she’s insane.

Elsie "Luna" Seo-hyun Chae

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