Darius Cronig-Bern

A Disciplined Double Agent


Darius Cronig-Bern is in a high-end custom biomorph presumably built for survival in alien climes.


Darius is one of three Oversight agents sent along with the Facade Corporation’s expedition to Olaf. With the expedition cut off from Mars, the status and authority of these three agents is somewhat in question, but thus far nobody among the expedition is willing to risk eventual reprisals from the organization should the desires of their agents be thwarted.

Darius has, however, kept a low-key profile, ensuring that certain members among the expedition understand where their advancement and wealth will be coming from if they are ever able to return to Mars with their discoveries.

Noah Kitano and his associates in the planetary exploration team discovered, however, that Darius serves a master other than Oversight… one even more powerful, or at least more terrifying, than even the watchdogs of the Planetary Consortium, and even though that timeline was effectively over-written, they have approached him with their knowledge and struck a tentative and trust-deficient alliance.

Darius Cronig-Bern

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