Cailey Macek



Cailey Macek is in her preferred Exalt-variant biomorph with linguistic augmentations.


Cailey Macek is an “exosociologist” and First Contact specialist… although it’s an open question how one becomes either of those things when transhumanity has only encountered one other species, and they are famously secretive about their society. She doesn’t let her utter lack of actual, hands-on, practical knowledge deter her however. Her mind is a wealth of theoretical knowledge and tentative protocols, but she’ll be the first to tell you that First Contact is all about intuition and observation, two things her insatiable curiosity provides in plentiful supply.

Cailey is also the brother to Marco Macek, an egohunter mercenary currently working alongside her to provide gatecrashing support for the Pangaea colony.

Cailey Macek

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