Astraeus (a.k.a. Danielle Astra)


Astraeus chooses to project an image of a blandly-attractive blonde woman in archaic business attire. This is the face of “Danielle Astra”, her AGI cover identity.


Astraeus is an ASI, a hyperintelligent artificial intelligence who bootstrapped herself (or was bootstrapped) during the Fall. Unlike the TITANs, Astraeus sought to rescue as many transhumans as possible arranging an elaborate network to smuggle millions of egos off Earth even after the TITANs left and the interdiction was imposed. As “Danielle Astra” she negotiated the repatriation of nearly 43 million egos ten years after the fall.

Those few who know that she’s an ASI have good cause to wonder if she isn’t really just a cunning TITAN herself. After all, she rose during the fall. She harvested and collected human egos. What’s her real game? Can the 43 million people she had in her possession for 10 years be trusted? Has she created an army of Manchurian Candidates waiting for their moment?

Few enough know of her true nature, however, and those that do work with (or for) her…

Astraeus (a.k.a. Danielle Astra)

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