Ansel Ness


Background: Fall Evacuee
Faction: Hypercorp


  • Cognition: -1
  • Intuition: +2
  • Coordination: +3
  • Somatics: +0
  • Saavy: +2
  • Willpower: +1

Data Point

  • Hamzah Al Quraini – 1
  • Mysterious Circle Structure – 1
  • Factor Biology – 1
  • Alien Ruins – 1
  • Gunderson’s Math – 1
  • Noah Kitano – 2
  • Basecamp Political Factions – 1
  • Darius Croenig-Bern – 2
  • Alien Mega-fauna – 1
  • Alien Mega-fauna weaknesses – 1
  • Tree Gate – 1
  • Alien Tree Mind – 1
  • Fungal Operating System – 1
  • Eerie Alien Obelisk – 1
  • Gunderson – 1
  • Odd Behavior in Basecamp – 1
  • Moabite Strain – 1
  • Marigold – 1
  • Factor Bio-weapon – 1
  • Yellow Crystals – 1
  • Trans-dimensional Math – 1
  • Trans-dimensional Refugees – 3
  • Olaf Salt Marsh Beat Ambushes – 2
  • Reality warping sphere effects – 1
  • Dangers of the sea – 1
  • The Singing – 1
  • Jungle Ecosystem – 1
  • Mega-Fauna – 1
  • Jungle Threats – 1
  • Mysterious Cenote – 2
  • Bat Alien Negotiations – 1
  • Venusian Olaf Expedition – 2
  • The Tunneler – 1


Excellent Morph You escaped with your body intact. Good thing, as it’s a pretty nice one. You have a Class 3 Morph. If your morph is ever lost or damaged, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming new Class 3 morph.

Authority Whenever you are in a position of clear superiority over a group of NPCs, you can Command those NPCs even if the order goes against their own traits, loyalties and willingness.

Marketing When you arrive in a civilized area, choose a type of market. You can easily find that kind of market here.

  • Elite: High class, exacting.
  • Secretive: Discrete, illicit.
  • Motivated: Fast, agreeable.

Security Logistics (Custom move)
You’re highly trained to view everything through the lens of security logistics. If you have time to make an Assessment of the field of battle before a fight, you have Advantage in that fight without having to spend a Data Point.

Any successful (10+) Move that results in someone’s death also leaves no evidence that you committed the act.

Sneak Attack
When you get the drop on someone, Roll+Coordination.
On a 10+, choose 1.
On a 7-9, the GM will give you 2 of the following options, choose 1 of them.

  • Kill them
  • Injure them
  • Rob/disarm them
  • Capture/disable them

Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.

You can suffer two injuries of each severity, rather than one.

Impossible Reflexes
You can move in ways most transhumans find impossible. You may Take Damage using Coordination instead of Armor.

You can suffer two mental instabilities of each severity rather than one.

Cyberbrain Hacking
You have the training and tools to subvert any digital ego, such as those running on a cyberbrain or as an infomorph. You may Access such an ego’s mind as if it were a protected system or network. Once in, you can engage in Assessment on the contents of their mind or you can Command the target using your Intuition instead of Savvy.

You are becoming unmoored from a unitary perception of the universe. Should you become dissatisfied with the facet of reality you are currently experiencing, change it to one you like better. Take the minor instability Unmoored. This instability may not be cured or removed. You may have multiple instances of this instability.


  • Guard Morph (Class 3) +Access Jack, +Cortical Stack, +Cyberbrain, +Mesh Inserts, +Mnemonic Augmentation, +Stigmatized, +Temperature Tolerance [All], +Vacuum Sealing, +Chemical Sniffer, +Enhanced Senses, +Radar/Lidar, +Synthetic Mask, +T-ray Emitter, +Hand Laser
    Temp: +Nanoscopic vision, +Nanotoxins
  • Simple Business Attire (Class 2) +Meshweave (1 armor), +Stealthy, +Phinesse (by Ivan)
  • Rifle (Class 1) +Rapid Fire
  • Hand Laser (Class 1, from morph) , +Firearm, +Adjacent, +Close, +Concealed


  • CivicNet (Class 1): +1

Open Mind: 5

XP: 1

Advancement Trigger

  • Superiority is acknowledged (Exhuman, Thrill of Blood, 12 xp)

Previous Advancement Triggers

  • An action increases your alienation from baseline reality (Special Move, Unmoored, 11xp – 5 for open mind)
  • An alien threat is discovered (Firewall, Cyberbrain Hacking, 10xp)
  • Technology causes a crisis (Bioconservative, Resilience, 9xp)
  • Survived Serious Trauma (+1 Willpower, 6xp)
  • Superiority is acknowledged (Exhuman, Impossible Reflexes, 8xp)
  • Made a startlingly accurate guess (+1 Intuition, 5xp)
  • An injury is sustained (Barsoomian, Toughness, 7xp)
  • A valuable is stolen (Criminal, Stealth, 6xp)
  • A broken law goes unpunished (Criminal, Sneak Attack, 5xp)
  • A challenge is overcome through strength (Exhuman, Assassination, 4xp)
  • Accomplished a goal through precision or dexterity (+1 Coordination, 3xp)
  • Talked your way out of (or into) danger (+1 Savvy, 4xp)


  • Deduction (Lost, Uplift)
  • Tactics (Jovian, Firewall, Ultimate)
  • Survival (Canaanite, Isolate, Gatecrasher)

Minor [] []
Major [] []
Serious [] []
Critical [] []

Minor [x] [x]
Major [x] [x]
Serious [] []
Critical [] []

Upgrade Reference

  • +Access Jack: You have external ports that permit you to plug into computer systems or other people for direct communication
  • +Cortical Stack: A storage device implanted in your systems that stores a real-time copy of your Ego
  • +Cyberbrain: Your Ego runs on a computer simulated environment rather than an actual brain
  • +Mesh Inserts: Implants that permit interaction with the Mesh via ectopic interface. Also includes your Muse
  • +Mnemonic Augmentation: You record everything you experience and can play it back or share it with others
  • +Stigmatized: You are looked down on or are otherwise prejudiced against
  • +Temperature Tolerance[All]: Metal and synthetic materials are more resistant to temperature extremes
  • +Vacuum Sealing: You don’t need to breathe, and suffer little undue effects from vacuum
  • +Chemical Sniffer: You can analyze chemicals in the air by smell
  • +Enhanced Senses: Your sensory abilities are drastically increased
  • +Radar/Lidar: You have a radar and lidar system that helps you judge size, composition, range, and motion
  • +Synthetic Mask: You have a carefully crafted outer casing of flesh, fluids, even blood
  • +T-Ray Emitter: You can see through cloth, plastic, wood, masonry, composites, and ceramics
  • +Hand Laser: You have a built in, concealable, small laser weapon (Class 1 Firearm, Adjacent, Close, +Concealed)

Game Log
5/22/2017 – 4 xp

  • Bought Assassination (Exhuman, 4xp)

6/5/2017 – 5xp

  • Bought +1 Coordination (3xp)
  • 2 remaining XP


  • No game


  • +4 xp
  • Spent 5xp on Sneak Attack


  • +5 xp
  • Spent 4xp on +1 Savvy (2 remaining xp)


  • +5 xp
  • Spent 6xp on Stealth (1 remaining xp)


  • +5 xp (none spent)
  • Major trauma from Alien Tree TITAN


  • +2 xp (7 spent)
  • Spent 7xp on Toughness (1 remaining xp)


  • +4 xp (5 spent)
  • Spent 5xp on Intuition (0 remaining xp)


  • +8 xp (8 spent)
  • Spent 8xp on Impossible Reflexes (0 remaining xp)


  • +3 xp (0 spent)


  • 1 Major trauma healed (Alien Mega-Fauna/Tree Blast)
  • +5 xp (6 spent, 2 remaining)
  • Spent 6xp on Willpower +1


  • +2xp (0 spent)


  • +4xp (0 spent)


  • +4xp
  • Spent 9xp on Resilience (3 remaining)


  • +5xp


  • +4xp
  • Spent 10xp on Cyberbrain hacking (2 remaining)


  • +5 Open Mind
  • +5 xp
  • Spent 6xp on Unmoored (1 remaining)


  • Make all Ansel’s more resistant/immune to insurgent virus (4x Unmoored)

It all went wrong when he remembered.

Ansel worked for Ecologene on Earth, and it was a pretty cushy job. Security and logistics for scientists wasn’t really a tough assignment — until the Fall. He happened to be on security detail when Ecologene began evacuating what it could. All hands on deck, and whoever had a free hand was instructed to grab key assets and get on the ships.

He wasn’t technically an indenture, since it was all part of his job, but he was grateful. Very grateful. Even moreso when he learned that they had bought the indenture for his little sister from the infugee market — part of their “friends and family” program for ranking employees. Sure, she’s still paying off that indenture, but better that than dead. He became a company man, through and through.

Post-Fall, the company had a lot fewer assets and some interesting business ventures that needed a dedicated company man to help oversee. Over time, he worked his way into a more important role that saw him accompanying teams on missions to collect specimens, barter with other hypercorps, etc. Most excitingly, he even got trained up to be one of the special security forces that accompany the team that deals with the Factors. The special contract he signed was long, and had an important clause about restoring from backup after every such mission. Security personnel don’t need to remember these meetings. Not that it mattered much, since they weren’t plugged into all the equipment that would let them understand the meetings anyway.

So imagine his surprise when, one day, he woke up after being restored and had a memory he shouldn’t have had. A very unfortunate memory: standing in front of two Factors, all of his teammates lying dead around him. Everyone stared for a few moments (if a Factor can ever be said to “stare”…), then they turned to leave. The memory ended when they left, and the next thing he knew, he was here on the table in his fresh new body. The psychologists and psychosurgeons couldn’t explain it, but after a little experimentation it was deemed that the memory was there to stay. Some papers were filed, backroom discussions were had, and Ansel found himself served with “temporary leave” papers for “mental health.” Non-negotiable, no clear length. He was incredibly glad that he wasn’t fired, but he was a company man and his company was sending him away “for a while.”

But he did have a new interest. Those Factors had some power or some tech that defied everything humans know about technology and the mind. Think of what something like that could potentially do for the human race. And clearly, there’s a lot more where that came from. Odds are, they aren’t the only other race out there. So, he’s going to do a little exploring. Get out there in the universe and see what he can learn. Maybe he’ll find something interesting. Or maybe, at the least, he’ll find something that he can use to get his job back.

Ansel Ness

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