Amber Jin Feng

Lord John Warfin was right.



Cognition: +1
Intuition: +2
Coordination: +3
Somatics: +1
Savvy: -1
Willpower: +1

Open Mind: 2

Background: Uplift
Faction: Gatecrasher

Data Points:
Ancient Power System: I
Basecamp Factions: I
Carnivorous Flora: I
Carnivorous Megafauna: IIII
Gunderson’s Math: II
The Factors: I
Factor Bioweapons: II
Factor Psychology: I
Jungle Atmosphere: II
The Lice: III
Marsh Beast Ambushes: I
Olaf Storms: I
Plane Repairs: I
Reality-Warping Sphere FX: I
“The Singing”: I
Space Dinosaurs: I
This Whole Wacky Thing: I
Venusian-Olaf Expedition: I
Yellow Crystals: I
Ansel: I
Darius Croenig-Bern: I
Gunderson: I
Kvasir: I
Transdimensional Refugees: III
Vilya Skarsgaard: I
Geography/Survey Data:
 – The “Airlock”: II
 – Alien Ruins: I
 – Hazardous Jungle Terrain: I
 – Jungle Biosphere: I
 – Mysterious Cenote: II
 – Near Basecamp: I
 – Olaf Salt Marshes: I
 – Plant Megafauna Landing Zone: II
 – The Tree Gate: I

Minor: ________________________________
Major: ________________________________
Severe: _______________________________
Critical: _______________________________
Minor: Unmoored
Minor: ________________________________
Major: ________________________________
Major: ________________________________
Severe: _______________________________
Severe: _______________________________
Critical: _______________________________
Critical: _______________________________

XP: 5 (74)
Advancement Trigger:

A ludicrous stunt turns the tide (Reclaimer, for Toughness – 11xp)
A needed item is scrounged up (Gatecrasher, for: Upgrade – 12xp)
Survived or overcame something through sheer physical ability (Somatics – 7xp)
Talked your way out of (or into) danger (Savvy – 8xp)
A forgotten place is excavated (Gatecrasher, for: ExploreNet Rep – 13xp)
Prey is consumed (Exhuman, for: Thrill of Blood – 14xp)
A valuable is stolen (Criminal, for: Sneak Attack – 15xp)

A culture clash causes strife (Brinker, for Resilience – 10xp)
Survived serious trauma (Willpower – 6xp)
Made a startlingly accurate guess (Intuition – 4xp)
Accomplished a goal through precision or dexterity (Coordination – 5xp)
A bold act fails spectacularly (Gatecrasher, for: Recklessness – 9xp)
A limit is overcome (Singularity Seeker, for: Psychosurgery – 8xp)
Came to a significant conclusion (Cognition – 3xp)
A problem is solved with intellect (Singularity Seeker, for: Excellent Morph – 7xp)
Important information comes to light (Custom Move, for: Avian Scavenger – 6xp)
An alien wilderness is traversed (Gatecrasher, for: Survival – 5xp)
Prejudice rears its ugly head (Mercurial, for: Impossible Reflexes – 3xp)


Avian Scavenger:
When you roll a 10+ on Boldly Go, you may spend an appropriate data point to choose two options from the list.

Body Hopper:
You never need to roll the Take Trauma move as a result of voluntary resleeving. Resleeving after death, or being restored from backup requires the Take Trauma move as normal.

Boldly Go:
When leading an expedition into the unknown, Roll+Intuition.
On a 10+, choose 1.
On a 7-9, the GM will choose 1.
You encounter…

  • something potentially profitable
  • something currently useful
  • something uniquely awesome

Descendant of Dinosaurs:
When stalking prey, either literally or metaphorically, you have Advantage

Excellent Morph:
You know that a superior mind requires a superior body. You have a Class 3 Morph. If your morph is ever lost or damaged, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming new Class 3 morph.

Impossible Reflexes:
You can move in ways most transhumans find impossible. You may Take Damage using Coordination instead of Armor.

When using a psychosurgical simulspace facility, your Patch Up can be used to treat mental instabilities of any severity, and you may attempt to retrieve someone from Insane with Disadvantage.

When you make a needlessly risky Move where the odds are a million to one, roll 1d6 instead of making a normal Roll. On a 4, 5 or 6, the Move is a fantastically lucky success. On a 1, 2 or 3, the Move is a spectacularly awful failure with harsh consequences.

When you make an Assessment of any aspect of a wilderness (animals, plants, weather, terrain, hazards, etc) you gain 3 Data Points about that subject on a 10+, and 1 Data Point about that subject on a 7-9.

You can suffer two mental instabilities of each severity rather than one.

You can scrounge up the following from all but the most barren, inhospitable surroundings:

  • Somewhat edible food and drink
  • Basic medicine or first-aid materials
  • Rustic Wilderness Kit
  • Primitive Class 0 melee weapon

You are becoming unmoored from a unitary perception of the universe. Should you become dissatisfied with the facet of reality you are currently experiencing, change it to one you like better. Take the minor instability Unmoored. This instability may not be cured or removed. You may have multiple instances of this instability.


Custom Opteryx: (Class 3 Synthmorph)
This recon morph is designed to be a fast, lightweight runner, climber, and flyer. The opteryx looks like a one-meter-tall winged, synthetic dinosaur and adopts an almost horizontal body posture when running, its tail held out for balance. Its wings are fully functional arms equipped with claws. This morph is a favorite for gatecrashers and neo-avians in the dinosaur identity subculture. It comes equipped with cartography package software.
Armor: +1
Upgrades: +Access Jack, +Chemical Sniffer, +Cortical Stack, +Cyberbrain, +Cyberclaws, +Enhanced Senses, +Flight, +Invisibility, +Mesh Inserts, +Mnemonic Augmentation, +Pneumatic Limbs[Legs], +Prehensile Tail, +Stigmatized, +Temperature Tolerance[All], +Vacuum Sealing

Neo-Avian Morph: (Class 1 biomorph)
Neo-avians include ravens, crows, and gray parrots uplifted to human-level intelligence. Their physical sizes are much larger than their non-uplifted cousins (to the size of a human child), with larger heads for their increased brain size. Numerous transgenic modifications have been made to their wings, allowing them to retain limited flight capabilities at 1 g, but giving them a more bat-like physiology so they can bend and fold better and adding primitive digits for basic tool manipulation. Their toes are also more articulated and now accompanied with an opposable thumb. Neo-avians have adapted well to microgravity environments, and are favored for their small size and reduced resource use.
Armor: 0
Upgrades: +Biomods, +Cortical Stack, +Mesh Inserts, +Flight, +Prehensile Feet

Mercurials Rep (Class 1)
Reputation among proponents of species autonomy, uplift rights, and AGI rights.


Amber was an indenture on Earth during the Fall. She escaped because, Bill Fletcher, one of the human engineers who was tasked handling with last minute evacuations, gave a fuck about his uplifted coworkers. Amber isn’t sure how she would up sleeved into a new neo-avian morph, but she woke up a few months later, outbound to Neptune, on a ship crewed almost entirely by Mercurials of one sort or another. She learned how to be her own person on Mahogany; that person turned out to be awfully prickly.

She learned that no one cares much if a gatecrasher is a bit of a bitch, as long as they get results. She’s good at that part.

Background Ties

With Kvasir – generally positive interaction when I was working out of the Pandora Gate in the Titanian Commonwealth.

  • Once when Kvasir was sleeved into a biomorph, he started seeing things that were symbolically there, but not real — the things he said were, in retrospect, actually meaningful – From the gate to Moria – while exploring, we found an alien device, and brought it back through – and the device activated and showed Kvasir “visions” that were revealed to be actual places later on, when other groups of gatecrashers came back with pictures of places they’d been.

Amber Jin Feng

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