Alexi Oda

*I got off Earth.... a little late.*



Cognition +1
Intuition +2
Coordination -1
Somatics +0
Savvy +0
Willpower +1

You survived the Fall, but did not escape Earth… at least not immediately. You managed to survive the apocalypse along with a small, ragtag, desperate band, and were eventually smuggled off Earth by the ASI known as Astraeus. She kept you stored digitally in a secret Venusian Aerostat known as Canaan until, ten years after the Fall, she revealed Canaan and began repatriating the refugees. Of course, being digitally stored by an ASI brought with it some… edits…

Whether from financial desperation or greed, or a genuine addiction to seeing worlds no human has ever laid eyes on, you have thrown yourself into the unique culture of the gatecrashers. People traverse the gates for many reasons, but you have made it a (very dangerous) lifestyle.

Boldly Go
When leading an expedition into the unknown, Roll+Intuition.
On a 10+, choose 1.
On a 7-9, the GM will choose 1.
You encounter…
• something potentially profitable
• something currently useful
• something uniquely awesome

You have acquaintances and contacts (fellow Canaanites) all over the galaxy. When arriving anywhere civilized, introduce a contact. That NPC operates here.

When you make a needlessly risky Move where the odds are a million to one, roll 1d6 instead of making a normal Roll. On a 4, 5 or 6, the Move is a fantastically lucky success. On a 1, 2 or 3, the Move is a spectacularly awful failure with harsh consequences.

Uncanny Intuition
Your mind makes connections with minimal information. Whenever you make an Assessment using Intuition, you get two data points on a 10+ and 1 data point on a 7-9

Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.

Holistic Risk
When you roll for your Recklessness move, you may spend a data point to roll twice instead of once, choosing the better result, provided you can in any way justify how the information reflected by your data point could help you succeed.

When you gain one or more Data Points about a subject, each ally that was present or involved also gains a Data Point about the subject.

You are becoming unmoored from a unitary perception of the universe. Should you become dissatisfied with the facet of reality you are currently experiencing, change it to one you like better. Take the minor instability Unmoored. This instability may not be cured or removed. You may have multiple instances of this instability.


Morph – Synthmorph (Class 3)
Lack of all biological functions, including the need to feel pain

  • +1 Armor (Being made of metal and synthetic parts makes you intrinsically harder to hurt)
  • +Access Jack (You have external ports that permit you to plug into computer systems or other people for direct communication)
  • +Cortical Stack (A storage device implanted in your systems that stores a real-time copy of your Ego)
  • +Cyberbrain (Your Ego runs on a computer simulated environment rather than an actual brain)
  • +Mesh Inserts (Implants that permit interaction with the Mesh via ectopic interface. Also includes your Muse)
  • +Mnemonic Augmentation (You record everything you experience and can play it back or share it with others)
  • +Stigmatized (You are looked down on or are otherwise prejudiced against)
  • +Temperature Tolerance[All] (Metal and synthetic materials are more resistant to temperature extremes)
  • +Vacuum Sealing (You don’t need to breathe, and suffer little undue effects from vacuum)
  • +Mental Speed (Accelerated mental processing power)
  • +Chemical Sniffer (You can analyze chemicals in the air by smell)
  • +Shape Adjusting (Your morph is made of smart materials that can alter shape for varied tasks)
  • +Enhanced Senses (Your sensory abilities are dramatically increased)
  • +Chameleon Skin (Your outer layers can change color and texture to blend into the background)
  • +Fractal Digits (Your digits can split, then split, then split some more, allowing for micro-fine manipulation… and damage. (Class 1, Melee, +Glove, +Impaling))

Adventure wear! (Class 1) Basic body covering clothes. Can’t be running around in bare metal. It just isn’t done! (also pockets, those things are handy)
+Tough Protects from elements, hard to damage, easy to repair

ExploreNet (Class 3) (You have a reputation among Gatecrashers and colonists)
Wait, wait? What did she find? or do? or …. WHAT?!

You never know what you need access to, or what you will find!
Infiltration Kit: (Class 1) Tools to gain access to forbidden places. Mechanical lockpicks, intrusion hardware, chloroform, glass cutters, disguises, ropes, climbing tools, etc.


Yeah, that fall thing. Then the whole Astraeus bit. How could I go back to something mundane after that. Gates it is!

On Earth. I had a large group of friends and family. It was a good life. A happy life. Safe, secure. A bit dull. But, with love and support a really solid good life. Nothing exciting to write, or read, about but a great life to actually live. As cliche as it is, I had the perfect marriage. The perfect partner. A perfect life. Then The Fall. I didn’t have the chance to leave. I didn’t get killed, or taken. I fought. I hid. I did things I never imaged possible. I found others. We fought. We hid. We lived. Mostly we died. Horrifically. I don’t like to think about it. When Astreaus saved us there were only seven left in my group.

Alexi Oda

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