Eclipse Phase - Uncharted

The Citadel

4 XP = Total: 34 XP

Internal Log 00×343AX

Visitors have arrived. My contemplation was perturbed by shifting probability on the charm axis suggesting potential waveform shift in my immediate vicinity. The perspective variant being affected was one in which the Citadel and its vast machineries were in decay. The visitors, transhumans from the solar system equipped with a fusion-powered jet aircraft, had landed. I could not help but feel a twinge of remorse that we hadn't waited for the resources to construct one of those ourselves. We would have saved ourselves a good deal of pain and tribulation in the fungal forest.

They explored the sun towers, inadvertently activating self-repair in one of them before venturing to the entrance of the Citadel itself. Much to my surprise, one of them was touched by the sphere-builders sufficiently to activate the sun gate. I opted to immanentize in the entry to greet them.

They recognized the physical form I manifested, which was a useful data point as it suggested familiarity with the Olaf expedition. Verbal engagement confirmed this hypothesis with additional data. Apparently, the expedition I was a part of was recalled while the corporate powers-that-be hashed out ownership and exploitation rights from their shadowy rooms. These explorers were from a subsequent expedition possessing the data from the first.

I engaged them affably enough, although a certain lack of immediate trust was to be expected. The one touched by the sphere builders, Ivan, seemed willing to accept my invitation to enter the Citadel but the others were hesitant. The neo-crow and the corporate security android were cautious, but the warrior in the exotic winged biomorph seemed the most overtly hostile in a quiet way. Still, I think I intrigued them enough with the simplest explanation I could manage of this sphere's function and purpose that we will be able to engage in tentative mutual trust. 

They want to either return me to their base camp, or arrange a line of communication from there to the Citadel. The fungal forest prevents conventional communication across the vast surface of Olaf. Fortunately I am well aware of less conventional options. If these new visitors can be convinced to work with me, I look forward to showing them some of the possibilities available to one who has scratched the surface of this sphere's potential.



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