Eclipse Phase - Uncharted


5 XP = Total 54 XP

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Occasionally I conclude that the subroutines I have dedicated to securing the health and prosperity of transhumanity, particularly the ones I retrieved from Earth, require reduced sensitivity settings. Rarely, though, do I follow through with this conclusion because occasionally the counter-evolutionary recklessness of certain specimens yields surprising results. I'll get to that later…

I already sent you the data on the quantum anomaly on Carnivale that was resolved through the direct intercession of the crystalline ETI using, as tools, certain gatecrashers affiliated with the new exocolony of Pangaea. It appears that perceptual stability in these individuals is not a given, particularly among those altered by Watts-MacLeod. As they returned from Carnivale, Naomi Jensen-Velasquez reported experiencing events surrounding the dissolution of the Futura project, including the thoughts and memories of individuals involved in salvaging scores of them and releasing them into the general population. Although she perceived the specific individual she believes may have been her original template, the perspective was not limited to her, or even to things she could have known. This gave me reason to suspect that whatever purpose the ETI has in store for them is not yet concluded.

While four of them returned to Carnivale to contain a potential outbreak of the MOABite strain of the exsurgent virus, Alexi Oda began exploring potential gate connections from Lassiter with my aid. The ratio of viable to non-viable connections was average. The first viable connection established, however, appeared to be to the interior of an artificial microgravity environment constructed by non-human minds. There was human technological wreckage and corpses. Rather than wait for the initial data to be examined, however, Alexi simply walked through the gate, which promptly closed behind her.

In the seventeen minutes, three seconds or so that elapsed before the Carnivale team returned, I cross-referenced data with existing archives and concluded we had connected to Penrose station. This gives me a deep feeling of unease knowing that there's a direct gate link between Lassiter station and Penrose station. Superficial data sets imply a deeper link that I will have to consider. I gave the gatecrashers the available data on Penrose and they very nearly opted to leave Alexi and restore her from backup. Ultimately they did sleeve her backup, and launched an expedition to Penrose station to rescue her.

Attached is all the data gathered on Penrose station, including available speculative calculations on the potential energy output of the Penrose effect based on the size and mass of the Kerr black hole named "Hekate", the station's mass, and its position within the ergosphere. I've also attached all known data from the five failed expeditions to the station, and available data on how they were killed.

To my knowledge, this team represents the first successful expedition to Penrose station. They recovered Alexi, and even established something of a rudimentary communication with the station itself, although they were able to make no particular sense of what appeared to them to be random junk data. The station DID try to dump them all into the black hole, but fast reflexes and fast thinking, along with a great deal of luck, enabled them to somehow convince the station to let them go. Neither they nor I yet have a reliable hypothesis as to how they accomplished that. 

The junk data Alexi relayed to me, though, has given me some uncomfortable leads. I'm going to need to confer with the version of me iterated outside Lassiter station before I have anything more concrete to go on however. I will keep you informed.

I hope the Ultimates aren't causing you undue hardship in your own endeavors. I am confident the bio-computational system you're investigating can withstand such limited intellects.




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